Oleh: Redo Rizaldi | November 11, 2015

The Unsatisfying Spectre (So long, Casino Royale Bond’s)

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I can’t believe it actually happenned. Daniel Craig’s Bond finally become retarded repeated unoriginal unauthentic unsatisfying James Bond Movie.

With a lot of high profille actors and Sam Mendes as the director, everyone seems have a high expectaion for this 24th Bond movies.

For finally re erasing that everything which good and alright reboot at Casino Royale.

You know, James Bond now back to his extravaganze habbits. Shoot and kill, have a sex, fancy new car, questionable intelligence of ‘Q’. hitting -anyone could be- henchman. and of course bloody shake not stirre vodka martini.

I could bounce every single high quality actors here specifically but than this not absolutely important.

But the most irritated me is to imagine. a very terrorizing main villain have a time or at lease sent his baddie employers to put pictures in the wall of person that related to Bond since Casino Royale. for what great vicious intention sorry,?

and, and…..ah forget it…

Spectre with all of his potential that colapsed pieces by pieces since The first sequel of Craig’s Bond ‘Quantum of Solace’ movie.

has been ruined and stop me to expected anything goods for the next installment.


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