Oleh: Redo Rizaldi | November 1, 2015

We Are The Anglers of Pawan River


Ketapang city, my fortunate hometown, lay at the very south of west kalimantan, crossed by the great pawan river, habitat and ecosystem of tons of living creature inside of it, among the forest near the river, or under the river.

And for the fisherman or the anglers, Pawan river is a sacred place to keep, a sanctuary for sometimes, a peaces of minds.

Me, myself become the anglers for just this recently year. Before it, i hate everything about going fishing. I called it as, such awaste of precious time of ours.

But thanks to my tenacious boss who insisted to make me know how to make fishing tackle, how to knit hooks, know the technic about how to lift the tackle at the river to get the fish or shrimp or the most wanted prawns. makes me become suddenly unawared love to going fishing finally this year. (welldone, boss)

By become the angler, I know now how to respect the great Pawan river.

As the angler we could sit all day from dawn till dusk, enjoy the wind or the sound of the forest near the river have cheers when the great pawan river give us the fish or the prawns.

and we will always try to be gratefur for howsoever much or many fish or prawn we can get.

But we also feel very worried right now.

To know that the river has suffered by the idea of getting the fish or the prawns with an instant way. with high voltage of high electric current, by the chemical poison

or how people right now think this great river as a big junkyard for domestic or their more geat deals.

That if we don’t take it seriously by thrown our garbage to the river, dumped the waste from lot of palm oil plant,

There will be no more river to enjoy.

For the anglers, for the fisherman who lived by depends on it, or for our great great great grandson, for the future of human and this earth.

We are the anglers of Pawan River.


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