Oleh: Redo Rizaldi | Oktober 24, 2015

Coral of Sawi Island (The Beauty Beneath Us)


For all this time, sometime in my life that full of lazyness, to look beautiful landscape, beautiful beach to see colorful coral or reef, I could just see it while sat on my convenient chair and turn the television on. Or, I could search the internet, google it, it will be plenty of pictures that I would like to see.

Until I went to Sawi Island at  Ketapang Kalimantan barat. Which actually my hometown but it tooks years for me to eager myself to visit the island. So……..when i put my feet underwater, i have zero interesting to see the coral nor the reef, there is nothing look beautiful to my eyes in the surface of the water, especially the smoke haze blocked every potential view to looks good.

But when a friend of mine from #ketapangborneo guides gave a diving mask and I took my chance to use it to go dive. Woooooo. its amaze me and also stunned in a very overwhelming way.

There are beauty that beneath us indeed.

More than you could expected.

Of course you could easly seen it on the internet with a picture with highest skill of photoshop to make it look more beautiful but it still different when you actually seen it, feel it, touch it, the real thing, the real wave, coral, fish, sand and the jellyfish.

So authentic and also original.

There are no great photoshopped picture or expensive camera to capture the moment, so genuine.

It’s like three dimensional experience but for real

and its like visittin to the other world that makes me dive for almost 3 hours, with a bruise cause of coral and exhausted, reallly really exhausted.

but its all totally worthed it.

You know, I bring my handphone with a LQ camera, but its not the quailty of the camera that makes me refused to used it to captured the moment, I could easily edited it with any free software editor to looks luxirous, but then i reallize, it will never able capture the feelings, the sensation, it became a personal moment for me.

I am humbly confess to the great mother of earth that she’s gorgeous with no doubt.

So I just keep it as a memories that perhaps only on this words of article I tried my best to describe it, to share the feeling that I pleasured.

Come and have a visit to Sawi Island at Ketapang city, Kalimantan Barat.

To gain a real experience, for once of your lazy lifetime  like mine.


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