Oleh: Redo Rizaldi | Oktober 19, 2015

Don’t Be Bali


Mike and Rosemarie are from australia whom originally came from hamburg, german. This couple have sailed with their yatch boat in ‪#‎wonderfulsail2indonesia‬ 2015 rally from their homeland for almost 5 years. They lie their boat anchor for a while at my city, Ketapang Kalimantan Barat, among twenty more other yatch from all over the world,

One night, while sittin at harbor media center waiting for the bus which will taken them to gala dinner at our regent house. They put alot of gratitude words for us, for being warm and welcome them very nicely. They hoped we will keep it that way for the good words will come from them to another yatch that hasn’t yet come to Ketapang city.

Before sail to this city, they also has gone to Kumpai, Karimun Java and also the great and beautifully famous, Bali island.

And the last islan I mentioned have a bitter responded from them that I would never expected.

“Don’t be Bali”


This is the strongest words that i got from them.

Whereas for all this time. Bali is always become a perpect example and a barometer for every city in Indonesia whom want to promote their tourism.

Its not like they put Bali in bad words, its just………….Bali for the foreign sailors has lost its identity and its honest hospitality. Everything becames money money and always almost about money they said. every relationship is standarized by how much you could paid.

Bali is always a beautiful place for a vacation, for a tourist that have 2 weeks holiday and off from their daily work that needs full of fun, full of entertainment, for boobs and booze but not for sailors like them who keen to search a new knowledge, adventure, real experienced on their trip and not always party, party and just party.

“So please don’t make your great city become like bali, make a real connection with us,” the sailors added.

Lets hope @ketapangborneoguides could keep it that way to become their friends in their adventure rather than their paid employee.


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