Oleh: Redo Rizaldi | April 19, 2014

The Raid 2 Berandal Special Review



First, I would like to start the review from a very beginning when I would like to watch The Raid 2 Berandal desireably BUT have a fabuluous difficulty to make it real.

It’s because I lived in the city where no cinema theatre any at all. The nearest city who have it, is thousand miles away, across the sea. it also cost a half of a million rupiah to me to make a trip. So my chanced to watched is hazardous.

To be honest, this is not the first time for me, when The Raid came, I also have to face this kind of situation and managed to fortunately watched it, thanks to my beloved wife who allowed me to go that far away across the sea, costing almost all of my wage just to eliminate my thirst to the action that has delivered so well by the trailer of the first movie.

The situation is the same, but my condition-especially my financial condition-is not.

I’m so frustated to think that I would missed the chance to see the sequel. I persuade my beloved one once again but she said no.

and the revelation came, from one of my pencak silat organization (PSHT, jaya!) the miracle has shown. I’d sent to that nearest city (Pontianak city) which have one (the only one) big cinema theatre in it 

my pray has ben answered, God is real.I don’t have to spent a lot of money beside the ticket for a movie.

My heart is tickled by enthusiasm.

And then, by using a motorcycle for a three hours and raise it to the motor boat and have a long night journey through the river and the sea I finally came to the city.

After I finished my duty for join the convention with my pencak silat organization for a half day, I rush to the nearest mall and look for a theatre in it. When I arrived to the theatre, what do you know… I already lated. The movie has shown a half hour ago, (they only play it twice a day) soo……….even with a fretful feels, I leave the theatre with hoping that tomorrow they will play it again.

and damned the day after, I’d gone early, at 09.am, 4 hours before the theatre opens at midday. I’d wait with patient, figure it when the theatre opens, I will imediately reserve a ticket for the Raid 2., my pulse came fast again, imagining the scene that I’d seen in the traIler.

well, after the teather opened and I saw the schedule of shows, I can not felt any other than remorse, a ‘f’ deep remorse.

They only played it at six and nine PM, nothing else, nothing ‘f’ else! a time where I cannot possibly meet beacuse that would be my time to go back to my city. after I cheated my wife to ask her for one day anymore saying that my body need a break after one day trip just to watch the movie, and make a promise to come back at the night, I was still cannot manage to watched the movie, in “f’ front of me at just a few next hours, ffffffff

so my review for this movie is…..there is no ‘f’ review. because I cannot watch it!!!

at that time, I wish I brought a carambit and force the owner of the theater just to adjust it as I liked to

let me whispered it once again…

what a “f’ shit “f’ mother ‘f’ SOTB!!! and holy “f’ “g” you kidding me !!!

PS: I also lost my handphone during my trip, give a salty salt to my wound u knoooo

PS PS: and I thought this could be my earlier birthday gift, how I thought ‘f’ ‘gd’ wrong…



  1. that is so youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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