Oleh: Redo Rizaldi | April 15, 2014

What is The Worst that World Could Offered?



Please imagine, someday in your daily afternoon, you found your students, boy and girl in an empty classroom, kissed. What will the world do? what will you do?
A. Ignore it, thats their own private business, you’ve young once.
B. Scold them, even it happens during out of school time, it still happen in the area of the school
C.angry, call their parents and give them a heavy punishment as a school rues told.

But then, I choosed only ‘B’ for make it as not a big deal, hoping they could learn to control their lust in the future, for at least not in the school area.

Later on, by a coincidence, I’ve a talk with a boy’s parent and revealed a predictable issues yet still shocked me quite a while about their boy and his girlfriend.

That they have an intercourse.

And it broke the heart and dignity of the boy’s parent, especially the father.

As a teacher, it give me a lot of second thought, about the choose I made. is it really a good one, or a bad one…?

Is it if I would have been choosen ‘c’ this would never happened? that I’d make a good precaution, in the name of moral and value of human life? is it not?

it’s not like that I’m not aware about this will happened, it just a stupid subconcious of mine to think, that it’s okay to make a lot of mistake while you are young, make a lot of mistake, and make it as an experienced and learned from it for the shake of their longlife future. I mean, I have a lot of friend that make a worse issues than just ‘intercourse’ and they manage to make a wisdom out of it, and make a good life as any other people have.

but then, seen the anxiety of the boy parent’s. it urged me very well, put me in a corner for a while, questioning the choose that I had choose, doubting it as a greater good for the boy and also a parent.

Not to mention the called from the parent that their boy’s has already been a rebel- typical teenage case actually-refuse to spoke openly with them again as he used to, and tend to oftenly lied.

I only can say to the parents to keep a good pray not a bad pray like imagining things going worst, a good pray that their boy’s will be a better man someday in the future with all of his experienced.

take an extra carefull cause to handle it, be wise and think for the good of boy.

well, the last one is actually never mentioned it in our conversation. that the last one is a personal thought that perhaps, this problem is also not about the boy, but cause also by an expectation of the parents. To make a reflection for them, and for me as a teacher also, that we are only human after all, no dignity no honour to take without concerning the one that we should concerned most, not what we want and we expected.

Let the boy grow the best he can reach, and pray, pray a good pray.




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