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The Raid Review

The Raid

For me, this movie is like one party night stand for action movie, There will be no need a good background story to tell, enjoy the fighting choreograph, bone crunching, blood shattered, and then do orgasm !

After that, you wish you could enjoy it again tomorrow night.

Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhayan were the mastermind behind of those fighting choreograph, make some excellent and original move for martial arts. Introducing in the good way how could Pencak Silat could be deadly yet beautiful.

Iko who played Rama, the rookie cop, doesn’t need to put a tough face like Jason Statham for slayed the machete gang, the crazy riot and the Mad Dog.

The Mad Dog who played by a monstorus Yayan Ruhayan is absolutely beyond his tiny body small appearance. hitting, crushing, breaking every single thing of his enemy truly like a god..upps…dog.

Yayan Ruhayan

They perform a lot of extreme extraordinary fighting choreograph that I had ever seen.

And it’s captured perfectly by Gareth”Director form nowhere” Evans. Some of the angle were astonishing.

  a very leap of improvement from his previous movie “Merantau”

Not to mention a witty vicious charismatic act performance from a Ray Sahetapi and Dony Alamsyah does charm as usual.

Joe Taslim who played Sersan Jaka also have his moment with the mad dog.

The only performance that look ‘meh’ perhaps Pierre Gruno, the old grey haired guy.

Outside of that, this movie is a must to watch for any action move fans.


wacth it and don’t forget to………bersenang-senang………


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